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Our Mission

Quad City Right To Life is dedicated to articulating and furthering pro-life issues. Our commitment is derived from a belief that the inalienable right to life is paramount to any other right and that without it, all other rights are in vain and at risk. We believe that every human being, from the moment of conception until natural death, has immeasurable worth.

Our purpose is to protect vulnerable people, born and unborn, who are threatened by abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, cloning or embryonic stem cell research. We accomplish this through legal and peaceful means including educating the public and elected officials and working to promote pro-life legislation at every level. Our vision is a community in which anti-life choices are neither desired nor legal. 

QCRTL is affiliated with Illinois Federation for Right To Life which are affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee, the nation's largest pro-life organization, with 50 state affiliates and approximately 3,000 local chapters nationwide.


Your donations are tax-deductibleand will support pro-life education and projects in our community such as:

  • Newspaper Ads:  As funds permit, we run ads in area newspapers raising awareness of the pro-life issue. Ads have run in The Dispatch - Argus, The QC Times, The Catholic Post, The River Cities Reader, and The Catholic Messenger.  Some of the ads run numerous times. 
  • Billboards:  We strive to have at least one pro-life billboard up in the Quad City area at all times.  Thousands of people are exposed to the positive pro-life message everyday as a result of our billboards.  (see photos on homepage)
  • Mississippi Valley Fair:  Since 1973, we have staffed a week-long booth at the Mississippi Valley Fair where we meet with the public and give away thousands of pieces of pro-life literature.
  • Durable Power of Attorney:  We continue to distribute, free of charge, pro-life Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care packets which include the DPOA form plus important educational materials regarding health care issues from a pro-life perspective.
  • Newsletters:  We periodically distribute to thousands by mail or e-mail newsletters containing current pro-life information.
  • Facebook:  We monitor a Facebook discussion group addressing a myriad of pro-life topics.
  • Voter education:  We survey local candidates on pro-life issues and disseminate voter information on local, state and Federal candidates.
  • Legislative alerts:  We issue alerts to let our members know about legislation regarding pro-life issues so they can contact their legislators.
  • Resource for right-to-life information:  We are the go-to resource in the QC area for information on legislative and other matters relating to the right-to-life and are available for comment and interviews with local media outlets.
  • Life’s Little Treasures:  Our resale shop, Life's Little Treasures, enables us to expose the pro-life message to hundreds of shoppers each week who might not otherwise be exposed to it. Your donation will help us keep on hand fetal models, which have to be replaced periodically, stock our educational display area with information on all the various pro-life issues, and provide the flyers we put in customers' bags.
  • Voucher Program:  Our voucher program is an excellent opportunity for you to assist the needy in our community and support QCRTL at the same time!
  • And much more!

Thank-you for supporting LIFE!